About Shoreline Snuba Maui

Think of Snuba as a way to become a Scuba diver for the day! With no certification or experience, within minutes you will be exploring Maui’s wonderful reefs on a 30 to 40-minute private guided underwater reef tour with only your friends and family. You also will not be wearing any heavy bulky Scuba equipment. All the heavy equipment floats in the Snuba raft on the surface which you are connected to buy a 20-foot line. All you must be able to do is breathe in and out of your mouth and kick your feet to move around. That’s it! If you’ve gone snorkeling before you have mastered these two requirements. And the best part of all is you decide how deep you go! Everyone can stay at whatever depth they feel comfortable without affecting anyone else in the group. You can be as young as 8 to go under the water and we can even accommodate children as young as 6 with our Snuba Doo program. Book online or call us today 808-281-3483 for your most memorable Maui experience! Check out our reviews.

What Makes Shoreline Snuba Maui So Special?

Our private SNUBA tour company in Maui was founded by a man who absolutely adores the water. Brian Heustis, a true Waterman, fell in love with SNUBA when asked to start a program for a large tour organization. Having always appreciated surfing and diving, this venture was a natural fit for an underwater enthusiast. His commitment to the sea and to showing everyone — especially kids — how to safely experience the ocean like never before have made Shoreline Snuba Maui so dear and appreciated by many, many families.

Here are some key aspects of the dive tours we offer that make us unique:

  • All tours are private, meaning your party is the only group getting our attention
  • Beach launches available, so all comfort levels are accommodated
  • Certification and special skills are NOT required to enjoy the dive experience
  • No crowded tours or waiting in line
  • Private training by your dive guide in 15 minutes
  • Special equipment and methods for kids (ages 6 and up) to participate too
  • Totally customized Maui SNUBA dive based on location preference across the island

We are the ONLY SNUBA company in Maui that is allowed to launch from the beach! This is a really big deal to us because we find that many visitors love looking at the Pacific, but get cold feet (pun intended) when it comes to diving in (another pun for ya). Starting a dive from the beach is an awesome opportunity to overcome fears or anxiety about going deep, and the views are still breathtaking. We also encounter excursion-seekers who tend to get seasick on boats or families who simply don’t want to take too much time getting to their destination. Skipping the boat all together allows us to spend more time breathing underwater, which is an unparalleled event that we can’t recommend highly enough!

We’re a fan favorite according to TripAdvisor, but honestly, our greatest joy is getting to meet all of you and showing you a bit of why we’re so passionate about SNUBA in Maui.

Our SNUBA Guides Are Simply The Best

The talented and attentive team of guides we have at Shoreline Snuba Maui are the best in the business! They genuinely care about every participant on every private dive they lead, and the years of experience we have makes us perfectly capable of tailoring the excursion to the unique needs of your party. We’ve been able to accommodate guests with special needs — such as wheelchair-bound, blind, or terminally ill — and we know it’s a big deal when you trust us with these very special people. It is our belief that every single person deserves the opportunity to experience a close encounter with the vibrant sea life just under the surface of our gorgeous beaches, so don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know what you need to make this possible for your family or friends.

It makes our week to see visitors return to us for another dive whenever they visit Maui for vacation or work, and it’s our great pleasure to share the excitement…whether it’s their first SNUBA adventure or their hundredth! We do this daily, year-round, and it NEVER gets old for us.