COVID-19 Safety Policy

Worried about getting COVID while doing all your activities while on Maui? That’s a valid concern and everyone at Shoreline Snuba Maui has your safety and the safety of our wonderful staff as our highest priority.

Here’s what we are doing about it?

Snuba diving with Shoreline Snuba Maui means never being packed on a boat with a bunch of strangers. With Shoreline Snuba Maui, you can rest easy because there is no contact with any other individual, just you and your Snuba Instructor, who is tested each day before work.

All Shoreline Snuba Maui dives are PRIVATE. Enjoy a private dive off the beach with ONLY your family/friends! The privacy and the fact that we go at YOUR pace is the real bonus of Snuba diving with us. No pressure, only fun!

  • We test all guests and staff with a touchless thermometer to ensure everyone’s safety before your dive.
  • All equipment is sanitized and cleaned following the CDC’s guidelines. If that’s not enough, you can even purchase from us your own mouthpiece to use and keep for $5.
  • Maui is one of the safest places on Earth regarding the virus and being outside, only with your family/friends, in the sun and saltwater ensures even a higher level of safety.

So rest easy, and let’s go have some FUN!!

Call if you have any more questions