Dive Locations

Maui Locations for Snorkeling

Maui is one of the most beautiful islands in the entire world, with gorgeous beaches, stunning water, and rich history, it’s easily the most sought out place to visit. There are several things to do in Maui, with options varying from surfing to hiking, but one of the most popular activities that visitors tend to gravitate toward is snorkeling. This is a chance for people to swim in the crystal clear diving spots in Lahaina, HI, getting up close and personal to Hawaii’s magnificent marine life, and make memories they will never forget.



Many people choose to go on a snorkel boat when thinking about snorkeling, but there is an option, a private, guided snorkel tour for you, your family, and your friends. This is a great way to experience snorkeling and spend time with the ones you love. There are some breathtaking diving spots in Lahaina, HI when it comes to snorkeling locations. It can be hard to choose because there are so many, but there are a few that really hit it out of the park when it comes to an out of this world snorkeling experience.


Olowalu (Mile Marker 14)

Located south of Lahaina Town, on Highway 30, Olowalu is an excellent snorkel spot that locals and visitors alike have enjoyed for decades.

You’ll find a parking lot just beyond the Olowalu General Store and Leoda’s Pie Shop-at-you guessed it-Highway 30’s mile marker 14.

Featuring beautiful rock formation and coral gardens, Olowalu is renowned for its water clarity and colorful marine life. You’ll be able to snorkel a ways from shore without a large change in water depth.

At Olowalu you’ll explore an underwater universe of fish and turtles that are off the beaten path from the resorts and hotels. There aren’t any facilities at Olowalu so bring a bite to eat and use the restroom before you depart.

Airport Beach

Airport Beach

One of the best beaches that west Maui has to offer!

It’s an incredibly dependable beach to visit has it has a lot of free parking, a huge gazebo, and a large lawn to hang out on.

The benefits of Airport Beach:

  • It’s by other beach destinations such as Black Rock and Ka’anapali Beach.
  • Has an incredible stretch of sandy beaches.
  • They offer free parking.
  • There are facilities for visitors to grill, shower, and use the restroom.
  • A reef that offers exceptional snorkeling.
  • A great lawn to sit back and relax on.

Airport beach is an amazing place to visit as it has white, sandy beaches, a gorgeous reef to explore, and calm waves that offer wonderful surfing.

Whether you are looking to snorkel, swim, or take it easy on the beach, Airport beach can offer all of this and more.

Makena (or close by)

Maluaka Beach

On your way from Wailea to Makena you won’t come across a turn-off to our incredibly beautiful “Secret Spot” Beach. This Beach is one of Maui’s hidden gems that attracts less attention as its popular neighbors— Big Beach, and Wailea Beach.
Perfect for swimming and snorkeling, it’s situated within the South Maui coastal area known as “Turtle Town.”  Why is it called Turtle Town, you ask? Because this coastal region is the chosen home to lots of Hawaiian Green sea turtles!

Ocean Boat Next to Beach

Snorkeling conditions are best near the rocky outcropping at the south end of the beach and keep your eyes peeled for…turtles.

If you’re staying in Kihei, Wailea or Makena This is one of our “Go To” diving spots in Maluaka Beach, HI!