What is our maximum depth?

The maximum depth you can go during SNUBA is 20 feet below the surface. However, the beauty of SNUBA is that each participant gets to stay at any depth they feel comfortable without affecting any other divers in the group. You do NOT have to go all the way to 20 feet to enjoy SNUBA with us.

How long will my entire SNUBA experience take?

Most dives are typically completed in about 2 hours from start to finish including all training.

How long will I be underwater?

On average our dives last about 35-40 minutes. Each SNUBA participant breaths through their air at different rates so it is not possible to give you an exact time prior to diving. However, over 90% of our dives we are below the surface for at least 30 minutes.

What is included once I book a SNUBA dive with you?

We provide all equipment, wetsuits, private instruction and underwater photos of your dive.

What is the best time of day to dive?

It really doesn’t matter, however, most of our clients prefer morning dives so they have the rest of the day to relax or enjoy other activities.

What equipment do I wear while SNUBA diving?

You will be wearing a mask, fins, SNUBA harness/regulator and a weight belt. However, please keep in mind that the weight is optional and we can put on or take off at any time throughout the dive. We also provide wetsuits to keep you warm.

What is the SNUBA DOO Program for 6-7 year olds?

Our SNUBA DOO program allows kids under the age of 8 to still participate in the SNUBA dive with the rest of their group. Instead of wearing a weight belt, SNUBA DOO participants are wearing a life vest with a regulator. They are still able to breathe through a regulator but are not able to dive down below the surface.

Do you have to be a strong swimmer to SNUBA?

No, the great thing about SNUBA is that you do not need to be a great or even average swimmer. The only two physical requirements that you need in order to SNUBA are to breathe through your mouth and kick your feet. If you are able to do those two things, our guides will handle the rest. We have taken hundreds of people who are non-swimmers and been able to give them an amazing experience. Plus with all of our dives being 100% private, you can rest assured you will receive all the attention and instruction that you could possibly want.

What can I expect to see on my SNUBA dive?

Every SNUBA dive is different but you can for sure count on seeing many different types of reef fish and lots of beautiful coral. All of our dive sites are home to the Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles and although we do see them, they are wild animals and we do not guarantee seeing them.

What happens if the weather or diving conditions are poor on the day I booked my dive?

The answer to this is simple, we do not do the dive. Our number 1 goal at Shoreline Snuba Maui is to provide you with an unforgettable experience in the best possible conditions. If the conditions are unsafe or do not meet our high standards, we will attempt to reschedule your dive or offer a full refund.

(Please note: we are still able to have great dives in rain.)

Can I wear glasses under my mask?

No, unfortunately, your mask will not seal properly if you are wearing glasses under it. You can however, wear contacts under your mask. If you do not have contacts or are unable to wear them, we recommend renting a prescription mask from any snorkel or dive shop to bring with you on your SNUBA dive.

How do I get directions to my dive location?

Once you book your dive, we will provide you with detailed directions to your dive site.

What do I should I bring with me on my Shoreline Snuba Maui excursion?

Please bring your bathing suit or whatever attire you would prefer to wear in the water. We also recommend bringing a towel, water, sunscreen or anything else you feel you might need. We provide all equipment that you need for the dive itself.

Is there a safe place to store any valuables that I will have with me?

We recommend leaving everything that you do not need during the dive, in your vehicle. You can lock your phones, wallet, glasses, etc in your vehicle and our SNUBA guide will happily lock your keys in their truck so you do not have to worry about hiding or storing your keys.

Is there a boat involved?

No, there is no boat involved with our shore dives. We meet at the dive site and begin our dive by walking into the water from the beach.

Do we have to go really far out to see great marine life?

No, the beauty of our carefully selected dive sites is that all the of the reef systems are very close to shore. You do not have to go really far out to have a great dive and see an abundance of marine life.

I am a certified scuba diver, can I scuba dive while others in my party SNUBA?

No, we only offer guided SNUBA dives and snorkeling. We do not offer Scuba diving of any kind.

Can I bring my own underwater camera on my SNUBA dive?

Yes, you are more than welcome to bring your own underwater camera with you on your dive. However, your guide will be taking pictures of everyone in your party and any marine life that you may encounter so you are more than welcome to leave the picture taking to us and just enjoy your underwater experience.

Can I use my own mask and fins?

Yes, you can bring your own mask and fins as long as your mask is a standard snorkeling/diving mask that covers your eyes and nose only. Full face snorkel masks are not compatible with our SNUBA system. We also recommend trying your mask and fins prior to using them on your dive.

Is it ok for me to bring someone who is not participating in SNUBA to hang out on the beach?

Yes, non SNUBA participants are more than welcome to come and relax on the beach, take pictures or whatever they would like to do.

Should I tip my SNUBA Guide?

Our SNUBA guides put in extensive work to exceed your exceptions and provide the highest level of customer service possible during your dive and they are typically tipped.

If you are interested in SNUBA for your upcoming Maui Trip, book with us now!