Is SNUBA Safe?

Family-Friendly Adventures

One of the best things about SNUBA excursions in Maui is that it is a great activity for all ages and all groups. Families and travel parties alike will enjoy sharing an adventure that is equally accessible to young travelers and those who aren’t strong swimmers. In fact, you don’t even have to be able to swim in order to SNUBA. Because of the simple equipment and straight-forward training, as well as the many options that companies like Shoreline Snuba Maui offer for private dives, we think you’ll find SNUBA safe for all!

Unlike SCUBA diving, SNUBA doesn’t require lengthy trainings or heavy gear worn on the body. A private SNUBA dive in Maui allows visitors to take in the gorgeous landscape of the Pacific Ocean from a boat launch or from the beach. (We are the only company authorized to start our dives from the beach, which is a great starting point for young divers.) Participants can venture up to twenty-feet deep, still getting the full three-dimensional experience, but without the cumbersome requirements of SCUBA.

Snorkeling tends to be another enjoyable family activity when visiting Hawaii, but it literally just skims the surface of our breathtaking waters. SNUBA, on the other hand, gives flexibility to families and small groups who have varying levels of swimming ability and desire in terms of depth. Our private tours cater to only your party, which means we can customize the experience so that everyone gets what they want, knowing it’s not every day you can swim the Maui beaches and see incredible sea life up close.

Special SNUBA Equipment For Kids

Our SNUBA Doo program makes SNUBA safe for children ages six to seven, even if they’re not able to swim independently. We provide specialized gear and child-sized mouthpieces for the air regulator, so your little ones can comfortably float on top of the water. Because they are tethered to the gear raft by an unobtrusive line and wearing an adjustable floatation vest, they can still take in the views and experience breathing underwater without struggling to navigate their dive. This also allows you to enjoy the depths, knowing your kiddos are secure and having a blast too.

Professional Dive Guides Make SNUBA Safe For All

Because the Maui SNUBA dives we charter are private, the guide-diver relationship is a huge part of the experience. We boast the best team in Maui because our guides genuinely love what we do, and we’re passionate about sharing the underwater wonderland around us with everyone who visits the island. We can even accommodate many special needs, having led blind divers, folks without limbs, and terminally ill children on a memorable adventure. No one should miss out, and we do everything we can to make SNUBA safe for every single person who calls us.

One of the really important aspects of our unique ability to start our SNUBA dive tours from the Maui beaches is that we can provide an extra level of confidence building with this approach. Children and newer swimmers may shudder at the idea of jumping off the bow of a boat in the middle of the ocean, even if they’re just going to float. On the other hand, having the opportunity to wade in the shallow waters of the beach and slowly emerging to their comfort level allows them to feel in control of the experience. We’ve seen folks start out adamantly against going below the surface, but the no-pressure beach launch allowed them to see that they could do it, and indeed thrive. There’s never a wasted moment on a SNUBA excursion, and we love having a myriad of options to give your travel party part of an unforgettable memory.


SNUBA Training Is Simple And Straight-Forward

SNUBA diving is simple and safe, but that doesn’t mean we shake hands and dive right in. There is a compulsory training that every diver on our Maui excursion must participate in, but the great news is that it usually take less than fifteen minutes. We know it’s hard to keep your attention when the beautiful blue deep awaits, so we move through the critical training points swiftly. But our priority is always the safety of every diver we meet, aged four or ninety. Tour guides and trainers will take as much time as needed to ensure everyone feels comfortable with their instructions and gear. And because no one else but your travel party is on the tour, there’s no pressure to get in before you’re truly ready.

Only when you’re free from worrying about the logistics of the dive and the gear can you really connect with the astounding environment around you underwater. This is where SNUBA can change your entire perspective and impact your memory for life. The job of your guide/trainer(s) is to overcome obstacles and help you feel comfortable and safe so you may spend more time marveling at our sea friends.

We Can’t Wait To Take You Out For A Dive In Maui!

The team here at Shoreline Snuba Maui is confident that you’ll find SNUBA safe for your whole family, and we can’t wait to show you our playground. It’s spectacular, and it’s waiting for you! Book now to book your private Maui dive tour today.