Is SNUBA Worth It?

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Is SNUBA for You?

If you are booking a vacation for a place like Maui or another tropical destination, one of the most memorable and fun things you can do is dive. You get to explore the depths of the ocean, while swimming with beautiful fish in crystal blue water. Unfortunately, scuba diving requires a certification and if you are planning on taking your kids, they have to be at least 10 years old. Snorkeling is another option, but you can’t go as far down since you don’t have an air take or regulator. Your chances of diving might seem like they are over, but luckily there is SNUBA.

SNUBA is an excellent way for you, your children, or another group of family or friends can safely enjoy diving without having to get a certification. It’s easy and fun, making it possible to explore gorgeous coral reefs and fish. While its an easy way to dive, many people want to know if its worth it. We’ll go over why its worth it to SNUBA and how you can benefit from this type of diving versus scuba diving or snorkeling.

What Is SNUBA?

SNUBA is a mix between snorkeling and scuba diving, hence the name. SNUBA allows people to dive in shallow ocean water without wearing large tanks or having a certification but gives them the freedom to dive deeper than they would with snorkeling. With scuba diving, you need the proper training and experience in order to dive and snorkeling doesn’t allow people to go as deep in the water as they want to. This can be frustrating for people who want to dive but don’t have the certifications or don’t want to dive two feet in the water. SNUBA can meet everyone’s needs, as it lets people dive up to 20 feet, but you don’t have to go through a class or worry about the gear that you have to wear. With SNUBA, all you need is an air tank, raft, harness, weight belt, fins, and mask. In order to learn how to SNUBA, a SNUBA guide will go over a safety briefing for 15 minutes and then go over what was talked about in the briefing. After that, people are free to SNUBA with a SNUBA guide. It’s easy, quick, and a lot of fun!

SNUBA without Heavy Equipment

A big problem when it comes to scuba diving is that you have to carry a heavy air tank on your back, but with SNUBA you don’t have to worry about carrying a big tank. You will still need an air tank, as you need to be able to breathe underwater, but the SNUBA system makes it to where you don’t have to worry about your air tank. The way that we make this happen is by using a raft that will float on the surface of the water and carry the tank. A person will use a regulator that is attached to an air line that is 20 feet long, which is connected to the air tank. The air line is also connected to the SNUBA harness that you are given to wear, so you will never swim away from the raft as its all attached to you. The other equipment that is needed for SNUBA is

  • SNUBA harness
  • Fins
  • Mask
  • Weight belt
  • Regulator

Once a person learns about the equipment and how to breathe through the regulator, they are ready to dive! Not only do you not have to carry a huge air tank, but you can go as far as 20 feet with help from SNUBA!

Fun for the Whole Family To Enjoy

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Kids Can Enjoy SNUBA Also!

Certifications and carrying air tanks are a big hassle when it comes to scuba diving, with another issue being that kids younger than 10 can’t participate. This is for the safety of the child, as it does involve learning how to use the regulator, as well as other rules that many kids might not be able to comprehend at such a young age. This can put a damper on your plans, as many people want to dive but they can’t because of their children. Snorkeling is another option that is considered, but again, you can’t go as deep without the use of an air take or regulator. Something else to consider is that scuba diving and snorkeling require people to drive to a pick-up location to get on a boat–if you have young children or don’t want to leave your resort or hotel, snorkeling and scuba diving are not a viable option.

Fortunately, with SNUBA, parents of small children can still enjoy diving without having to leave their hotel or resort. SNUBA has a program called SNUBA doo, which allows children ages six to seven to SNUBA. They have all of the same equipment as adults, except the wear a SNUBA doo vest for better safety. In regards to not leaving your resort or hotel, SNUBA comes to you–whatever hotel or resort you are staying at, SNUBA will come to you so you can dive right off your hotel or resort’s beach. SNUBA doesn’t just make diving easier than snorkeling and scuba diving. they have a specific diving program for children, and doesn’t require you to use heavy equipment. This type of diving system is an exceptional way to get the feel of scuba diving and snorkeling without any problems. If you are interested in SNUBA for your next Maui trip, book with us now!