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Unforgettable Adventures!

A visit to Maui, HI is an unforgettable trip that we can’t recommend highly enough. Sure, we’re biased, given we call Maui home. But we’re not surprised that more than 2.7 million tourists visited our beautiful island last year, according to the L.A. Times. It’s a veritable paradise with so much to offer everyone: families, singles, couples, empty-nesters, baby boomers, and spring breakers! When it comes to planning the perfect Maui vacation, SNUBA is a must-do activity that will make memories to last a lifetime. Shoreline Snuba Maui offers private, guided tours of our gorgeous Pacific Ocean from beaches across the island. When you’re ready to SNUBA Maui, book with us to book an adventure that will leave your whole family in awe!

What Exactly is SNUBA in Maui?Father and Son Getting Ready to go Snuba Diving

Most people who visit scenic beach getaways are familiar with popular excursions like snorkeling and SCUBA. But fewer have heard of SNUBA, which is essentially a marrying of these two activities, capturing the best of both worlds!

SNUBA is the #1 excursion on Maui, and an experience you won’t want to miss. After only 15 minutes of training, you and your family (aged 6 and up) are ready to hit the water to explore the depths of our beloved beaches. Unlike the cumbersome equipment used for SCUBA diving, the gear you’ll need for SNUBA actually floats on the surface of the water. This leaves you free to connect with nature as we take in the sights of underwater wildlife that is sure to wow. And because we know how amazing an up-close-and-personal encounter is, Shoreline Snuba Maui lets you get closer to our saltwater friends than snorkeling, thanks to a simple air regulator device that we provide.

How Do You SNUBA?

People who want to try SNUBA often wonder if there is any skill or certifications involved. The answer is no! Anyone can SNUBA, whether it’s your six-year-old or your 75-year-old grandmother, anyone at any age can SNUBA. All it requires is 15 minutes of training and then you are free to go on a guided tour with a professional SNUBA instructor. If you are interested in SNUBA, you might be wondering how it works. SNUBA involves having an air supply tank that is located on top of a raft, with an air line that is 20 feet long. Although our maximum depth is 20 feet below the surface, that does not mean you have to go all the way down to 20 feet! One of the best things about SNUBA is that everyone gets to go at their own pace without affecting anyone else in the group!

Once our pre-dive training is complete, we suit up and walk in directly from the beach. We then practice breathing through the regulator in shallow water until everyone in your group is comfortable. Our guides will be right there next to you providing instruction but only you and other members of your group decide when you are ready to go out further. At that point, we begin exploring the amazing underwater world!

Private SNUBA Tours

The experience of SNUBA Maui is absolutely amazing and never gets old to us! But imagine a Bucket-List-worthy excursion that isn’t muddled by crowded tour boats, long lines, or competing tourists blocking your priceless views. We understand this problem well as premium Maui excursion providers, and so we assure you that every tour booked with us is private and customized to your vacation.

Each day, before we head out for our dive, we’ll look at weather conditions and chose the best beach for launch, ensuring incredible views and a fantastic experience. 

Serving All Of Maui With Private SNUBA Excursions


Shoreline Snuba Maui is the only mobile Snuba operation. Our goal is to get you in the best dive conditions possible, closest to where you are staying. Book with us now!

SNUBA Maui Tours Are Safe, Fun, And Easy

If you cringe at the idea of spending a few hours of your limited vacation time on the island training for an outing, or wading through bustling crowds to make a reservation, then our Maui SNUBA tours are exactly what you need. We provide training in fifteen minutes so that you and your loved ones can enjoy the experience safely and with maximum time spent exploring the sea life and reefs. We are experts in SNUBA methods and procedures and know how to teach all ages to dive with care and ease.

Because our private tours are focused on just the people in your party, we can customize the experience for you. There is no special certification or skills required, other than the ability to kick and curiosity for the underwater paradise just off our gorgeous Maui beaches. Participants don’t even have to know how to swim to join in the fun!

The other benefit to Maui SNUBA tours by Shoreline Snuba Maui ? The entire experience will be approximately two hours, depending on group size, so choosing this popular excursion doesn’t have to take over your entire day. There are so many wonderful activities on Maui, and we encourage you to take every moment of your visit to soak up all of our island beauty. We cater to your location, your schedule, and your travel party.

Child With Head Underwater With Scuba Gear On

Can Kids SNUBA In Maui Too?

In short, absolutely! We invite participants as young as 6 to join us for our private tours across Maui. We have equipment and techniques just for kiddos, as we truly believe that sea life is a gift for all to see and experience. Our SNUBA Doo┬« program is designed for children aged six to seven, accommodating even boys and girls who can’t yet swim. If they can breathe and kick, we’ll show them a time they won’t soon forget!

Our specialized equipment for children allows them to float on the surface, while still taking part in the views of their parents or fellow divers just below. Customized, adjustable flotation vests keep them supported on the surface, while age-appropriate mouthpieces connect them to a regulator. A ten-foot air line keeps young participants connected to the SNUBA raft without providing a mechanism for them to become loose in the water. They’re always nearby, and our expert guides will make sure that no one feels left out of the fun.

We can hang out in the shallow waters just off the beach until everyone in your family is comfortable with the equipment and environment, and feels ready to dive in! Because you are the only family we are serving, there is no rush or feeling left behind. The journey is what you make of it, so we strive to make every aspect of your SNUBA excursion in Maui memorable and enjoyable.

Family Vacation + SNUBA In Maui = Unforgettable Memories

We know it can be challenging to find a family activity that everyone will enjoy. Hey, Snuba diving with us will be the foundation for lasting family memories. We’re in the business of making your priceless vacation one for the books!

In a day and age where it’s impossible to get everyone in one place, doing one thing that is enjoyed by all, you’ll be amazed to see the smiles on your kids’ faces as they behold the wonder of the sea. You’ll be united in awe, and we know they’ll be talking about it for years to come. We’ve seen visitors young and old come to us tired and travel-weary, but they always leave refreshed and enthusiastic for the next adventure around the corner. It’s a unique perspective, this 3-D experience with wildlife that is so special to our Hawaiian islands, and we are so honored when you book a private tour with Shoreline Snuba Maui .

Shoreline Snuba Maui, HI

A Maui Vacation Isn’t Complete Without A Private SNUBA Tour From Shoreline Snuba Maui

Many of the wonderful activities that tourists can experience when they come to our island are tied to the waters that encircle us. But there are few excursions that will foster a new appreciation for the sea life that is unique to our area like SNUBA Maui. Because we don’t require lengthy training, complex gear, or even a mastery of swimming, visitors of all ages to Hawaii can explore the depths with ease and joy. And we’re locals, so we know the ideal spots for whatever sights you’re hoping to see (though we can’t always guarantee a wish list sighting), and can also give suggestions for the rest of your time on the island.

One of the biggest distinctions between SNUBA and SCUBA is that you don’t have to undergo long training or certification programs. But in our experience, it’s also a huge benefit to divers of all ages to not have to carry cumbersome equipment strapped to their bodies. The fact that your air supply and gear floats on the top of the water, connected to you by a secure line, means that you feel more present underwater. Close encounters feel even closer because now you are part of the action, not just looking down from the surface in.

Private Dive Tours Of Maui That Cater To Your Family

It’s one thing to handpick some of the cookie-cutter excursions available for most Maui visitors, and there are certainly plenty to choose from. But imagine how much more special an experience could be for your family when the event is centered around YOU! No two families are the same therefore, no two dives are exactly the same. We tailor all of our dives around your family’s ability. Book with us today for your private SNUBA tour!

For every party we serve — be it singles, couples, families, friends, or colleagues — our goal is to deliver a one-of-a-kind excursion experience, minus all the fuss and headaches of the typical overly crowded options.

Quick Training, Private Guided Dive, and Time Left To Savor The Day

We know that soaking up every ounce of your vacation time is a priority for every visitor we encounter. One of the best things about SNUBA Maui is that we can provide you and your travel mates with an unbelievable experience in about two hours. This even includes training! You don’t have to lose half a day for an underwater outing, not when you dive with us. This means you can still catch that sunset, make reservations at that must-try restaurant, catch a luau, or book that beach massage.

Time is precious –in so many ways — so make the most of every hour while you’re on our gorgeous island. Booking a private SNUBA dive with Shoreline Snuba Maui will be an excursion you can’t forget, on a schedule you can’t beat. We know it’s a big deal when you call us to show you around, and we appreciate the honor of guiding visitors and locals alike on a unique underwater experience and wonder. The views never disappoint, and we know you’ll be changed in the best ways possible.

We are a mobile SRC (SNUBA Recreational Center), which makes us distinctive and incredibly adaptable to our clients’ needs. We’re not limited to one dive site –which allows us to put you in the best condition possible. We pride ourselves on serving visitors of Maui with honor and respect, as we truly believe that our beaches are meant to be celebrated by everyone who comes to see them.

group dive tour SNUBA Maui

Group SNUBA Maui Tours

Private Dives For Your Organization/Team

If you have a large group of colleagues, family members, or teammates who are looking for a great experience to share, SNUBA Maui is an awesome choice! Because we work with all different levels of ability and comfort in the water, no one has to feel left out on this memorable adventure. We have a team of wonderful guides who can help manage large parties, keeping everyone safe and comfortable, as well as making sure no one misses a thing.

Shoreline Snuba Maui takes special pride in introducing many organizations and companies to the underwater environment that is a great picture of the natural beauty we hold in high esteem here in Hawaii. Especially if you’re working toward greener, eco-friendly practices, what better way to help drive home a shared message of responsibility and value for the full array of life on Planet Earth. We’ve seen countless people walk away forever changed, resolute to look at the world differently and contemplate what (and who) matters. We’ll never get preachy, but we can’t help but share our passion for the beauty of nature, on full display as we SNUBA Maui.

Minimal Gear, Maximum “WOW!” With Shoreline Snuba Maui

Snuba is the only underwater activity that allows you to stay at whatever depth you want, wearing lightweight comfortable gear while exploring Maui’s reefs all at your pace!

Let Us Take You On The Adventure Of A Lifetime

Exploring the underwater depths of Hawaii is a dream of people all over the world. If you’re planning a trip to our gorgeous island, book now with Shoreline Snuba Maui for your private dive tour. SNUBA Maui is an experience you won’t want to miss, and so unique from the well-worn excursions like SCUBA diving and snorkeling. You’ll be able to maximize your vacation time without the extensive training and logistical commitments, but still, get to partake in something uniquely Hawaiian.

We’ve been involved with SNUBA for many, many years, and we can’t wait to share with you our enthusiasm and passion for this popular excursion. It’s the #1 way to see Maui, and we know it will be the highlight of your family trip or team get-away! Tours book quickly during peak travel season, but keep in mind that we enjoy beautiful weather year-round, so don’t hesitate to call and inquire about availability for your upcoming trip. We can help you plan a memorable Maui vacation from a local’s perspective, avoiding some of the crowded, over-priced attractions that leave many tourists too worn out to explore and enjoy.

SNUBA Maui is THE premier experience for people of all ages, and we know that the service and expertise you’ll get from our team at Shoreline Snuba Maui will be unforgettable. We can’t wait to see you and show you all the underwater beauty that our island has to offer!