Snuba for kids

Private SNUBA Tours of Maui

It’s not uncommon for us to encounter many people who aren’t quite sure what we do at Shoreline Snuba Maui . “Is it snorkeling? Is it SCUBA?” In short: it’s both! SNUBA in Maui is an incredible, immersive experience that marries together the freedom of snorkeling with the dive aspect of SCUBA. The really wonderful thing about SNUBA is that everyone can participate because of the nature of our private dives.

Because we see millions and millions of tourists every year, we understand that Maui excursions can sometimes be exhausting and inefficient. You waste hours waiting for a good time slot, the tour boats are often over-crowded, and you’re sharing the experience with dozens of strangers. These feel less like adventures and more like boxes checked from a list of must-do activities, but there is rarely a sense of awe or wonder you’re left with. Instead, you’re exhausted and probably more inclined to skip the luau you planned or postpone reservations to the lovely dinner spot you had in mind.

We can do better than that…and that’s exactly what Shoreline Snuba Maui does! We are the only mobile company for SNUBA in Maui, and we take great pride in meeting visitors right where they are. Only private dive tours are offered by our awesome team of guides, so it’s just your group — however big or small — that we’re catering to. It’s this personalized experience that allows the majesty of our ocean make the biggest impact, leaving our divers with joy and fond memories.

SNUBA will cultivate a whole new level of love for nature, and that is so important to us here in Hawaii. It’s an honor to introduce visitors to this critical part of our identity, and we know you’ll never forget what you felt in this 3-D paradise.

Kid-Friendly Private Dive Tours in Maui

We accommodate and welcome kids who want to experience the beautiful Pacific Ocean with their family on a private Maui dive tour. Our SNUBA Doo® program makes it simple for children aged 6 to 7 to participate on our dives.

SNUBA Doo® features for kids:

  • Ages 6 and up are welcome
  • Child-sized mouthpiece for air regulator
  • Dive gear floats on surface (not on-body)
  • Floatation vest to stay buoyant
  • Swimming ability not required
  • Training takes only 15 minutes

One of the unique features that we offer at Shoreline Snuba Maui is that we are the only SNUBA company authorized to launch from beaches across Maui. This is especially important to young divers, who typically prefer the beach approach (versus launching from a boat, which we do as well). There is more opportunity to adjust to the breathing mouthpiece and the ocean environment when starting in the shallow waters of a beach, and so confidence soars as they prepare to join the whole family to explore the underwater wonderland just beneath the surface.


No Certification Or Heavy Gear Required To SNUBA

Families and parties of all ages love that they can experience a Hawaiian dive excursion without the time commitment of certifications or complex training classes, as required to SCUBA dive Maui. The other benefit of SNUBA is that all the gear to support underwater breathing remains above the water on a flotation device, which is tethered to divers throughout the tour. This allows more freedom of movement, less barriers between you and the sea life you encounter, and a more comfortable environment for new divers. SNUBA is the ease of snorkeling with the views of SCUBA diving, like a magical snorkel that you can take for a spin up to 20 feet deep!

SNUBA is a fantastic activity for anyone visiting Maui:

  • College and high school graduates
  • Co-workers/colleagues
  • Couples
  • Empty-nesters
  • Families
  • Girls’ trips
  • Hawaiian locals
  • Leadership retreats
  • Newlyweds
  • Retirees
  • Singles
  • Special needs
  • Spring Break travelers
  • Teambuilding groups

The Maui Dive Tour Experience

Sea life in the ocean surrounding Maui, HI is unique and breathtaking. We have lived on the island for years and made countless dives, and the views never get old. We can’t guarantee who or what we’ll run into on any given excursion, but the varied environments in the beaches across Maui give us many options that we’re always happy to explore. Weather conditions and other variables may impact the sights on a given day, so it’s important to work with a tour company that takes into consideration these aspects of the natural environment. We don’t keep our aquatic friends on a leash, but we can certainly use our expertise to choose the best location for a beach or boat launch to begin the dive tour with intention.

Speaking of the dive tour, the guides who help train and lead your group can make or break the experience. We highly recommend reading online reviews and considering any tips shared by folks who have participated in a given excursion to help you get the most of your valuable time spent exploring the island. It’s not uncommon to see some specific shout outs to awesome guides who may be worth scheduling around, keeping in mind that the needs of your unique group may necessitate a different guide for your Maui SNUBA tour.

SNUBA In Maui Is The #1 Excursion For Your Vacation

We’re admittedly biased about our gorgeous island and the unique dive tours we offer to share the beauty with folks who visit us on vacation. But it’s undeniable that getting to see Hawaiian sea life, up close and personal, while moving effortlessly in the water is an unforgettable experience that will change you. We hear it all the time, and we know from our own stories that SNUBA in Maui makes an impact for life!

Get the most out of your family vacation or company retreat with an hour-long underwater activity that truly lets you soak up all that makes our region so very special. We bring the training, the gear, and the guides to you, so all you need to do it show up and prepare to be amazed. You don’t want to miss SNUBA in Maui, and Shoreline Snuba Maui is proud to deliver private dive tours that will leave you in awe and wonder. Book now to book your tour today!