Private Snorkel Tours in Maui, HI

A Picture of a Group of People Snorkeling with Fish.

Do Snorkeling the Right Way, A Private Guided Snorkel Tour

If this is your first time visiting Maui or you’ve been multiple times, one of the best activities that you can take part is our snorkeling tours. Our snorkeling tours are a great way for visitors of Maui to explore the depths of our beautiful water, get up close to our tropical fish, and make lasting memories with their family and friends. While snorkeling can be done with a basic snorkel mask on your hotel’s beach, it is truly an excellent experience to go out with a professional snorkeling guide who can take you to some of Maui’s most beautiful beaches and reefs.

You can book a snorkeling tour with a boat company, but spending hours with complete strangers isn’t always that great. Sometimes snorkeling boats are crowded and you truthfully miss out on the one on one time with your family or the people you came with. Luckily, Shoreline Snuba Maui offers private tours, which gives you the ability to book private snorkeling for your friends and family. One of the coolest things about private snorkeling tours is that you can book anywhere from two to 200 people, so if you are looking for a great team building exercise, a fun birthday party, or a general get together, private snorkeling tours are a total hit. When it’s just you, your friends, family, or even employees, you can enjoy snorkeling at your own pace and time at one of Maui’s amazing beaches. Call us today at 808-281-3483!

The Many Benefits of Private Snorkeling

Snorkeling in Maui is honestly one of the best Maui activities, besides SNUBA, that families and friends can take part in. People not only take in the beautiful views of the coast and Pacific ocean, but they get to swim in the clearest water, explore some of the most breathtaking snorkeling spots, and get the chance to be up close to marine life like Hawaii’s state fish the Humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa, sea turtles, and other colorful reef fish. However, if there are large groups of strangers snorkeling with you, it can take away from how special and truly unique the experience is. Fortunately, if you want to avoid snorkeling with people you don’t know, you can always book a private snorkeling tour with Shoreline Snuba Maui. There are many reasons why private snorkel tours with us are such a great fit.

  • Always the Best Conditions: With a private snorkeling tour we will always get you in the best conditions for that day.
  • You Get Privacy: If you like privacy, you can get it with private snorkel tours.
  • Snorkel with People You Know: Avoid snorkeling with people you don’t know and book private snorkeling for you, your friends, or your family.
  • One-On-One with our Guide: With larger groups of people, you don’t really get to talk with the crew, as they are busy. Private snorkel tours allow you to talk with the crew, ask better questions, and get the attention you need to make your snorkeling experience epic.

When you book a private snorkeling tour with us, you can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, and exploring with people you really care about in the best conditions that Maui has to offer!

What To Expect From Our Private Snorkeling Tours

Booking a private snorkeling tour is going to work just like booking regular SNUBA dive, except you will tell us if you would like to snorkel instead. The differences in booking a regular snorkeling tour versus a private tour are that you will only snorkel with your party. The second thing that sets regular snorkeling apart from private snorkel tours is that you can really customize how you want the excursion to be. Boat snorkeling tours go by a set destination or destinations that they have pre-planned; private snorkeling gives you a lot more freedom. So if you and your family and friends want to go snorkeling at a great spot, at your pace and be guided by our expert guides, call us today at 808-281-3483.

Tons of Events That Can Have Private Snorkeling Tours

  • Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

    Bachelorette/Bachelor Parties

    Are you in Maui for your bachelorette or bachelor party? A great activity that you can partake in is snorkeling! You can take in the views of the ocean, while swimming, and exploring the best snorkeling destinations; to make this activity a little more private for your party, you can opt to schedule a private snorkeling tour. This way you don't have to be on a boat with strangers and you get to snorkel with the people you came to Maui with.

  • Engagements


    If you are planning a proposal and you want to do it in a creative way, why not do it while you are snorkeling? While it might seem like a bad idea when strangers are involved, you can make it as private as you want by booking a private snorkeling tour. Just tell your crew what you are up to and they can make it extra special! You don't have to propose while snorkeling (lost ring!), but you could make a day out of it by going snorkeling.

  • Weddings


    Not saying that you should make your wedding a private snorkeling event, but if you are having a destination wedding and you are looking for activities to do with your wedding party and guests, private snorkeling tours are great! Your wedding is going to be a memorable and beautiful event, but if you want to spend more time with your family and friends before the big day, private snorkeling is another memory that you can make with them.

  • Corporate Events

    Corporate Events

    When it comes to company outings, we typically think of a yearly BBQ. If you want to step it up a notch and really take team building to the next level, you can book a private snorkeling tour for you and your employees. Not only will it be something fun for all of you to experience, but it will definitely be the most creative corporate event they have ever been to. If you are in Maui for a conference and want to show your employees a good time, book private snorkel tours for them to enjoy!

  • Birthday Parties

    Birthday Parties

    Make your next birthday party, a friend's birthday party, or family members birthday party memorable and unique with a private snorkel tour. You could definitely book a regular snorkeling tour, but why snorkel with strangers when you can snorkel with the people you care about? It's possible when you contact a local Maui snorkeling company and ask them if you can book a private charter. They will be more than happy to accommodate you and make your birthday bash as fun and exciting as possible.

  • Family Reunions

    Family Reunions

    For many people, family reunions are a great way to reconnect with old relatives and make new memories. Maui is a great place for a destination family reunion, where you can enjoy paradise with family and experience what Hawaii has to offer. A great activity for the whole family is snorkeling and it can be made that much more special with special snorkeling tours. If you want to make your family reunion one that people talk about for years, booking a private snorkeling tour is a great way to do that.

SNUBA Right From the Beach

If you love snorkeling then SNUBA is for you! Shoreline Snuba Maui is the only SNUBA operator licensed to go right from shore. No six-hour boat trip, just because you want to snuba dive, now we can take you and your family or friends on a PRIVATE SNUBA TOUR. You will be guided around one of Maui’s premier reefs by an expertly trained and certified SNUBA guide. What if you want to practice in the shallow water? No problem. Don’t worry about being affected by strangers, with us its just you!! You decide the pace, you decide your depth. We just want you to have a blast doing the coolest activity on Maui–SNUBA. Book today!

A Picture of a Family Who Are Taking Part in SNUBA.

How Do You SNUBA?

People who want to try SNUBA often wonder if there is any skill or certifications involved. The answer is no! Anyone can SNUBA, whether it’s your six-year-old or your 75-year-old grandmother, anyone at any age can SNUBA. All it requires is 15 minutes of training and then you are free to go on a guided tour with a professional SNUBA instructor. If you are interested in SNUBA, you might be wondering how it works. SNUBA involves having an air supply tank that is located on top of a raft, with an air line that is 20 feet long. Although our maximum depth is 20 feet below the surface, that does not mean you have to go all the way down to 20 feet! One of the best things about SNUBA is that everyone gets to go at their own pace without affecting anyone else in the group!

Once our pre-dive training is complete, we suit up and walk in directly from the beach. We then practice breathing through the regulator in shallow water until everyone in your group is comfortable. Our guides will be right there next to you providing instruction but only you and other members of your group decide when you are ready to go out further. At that point, we begin exploring the amazing underwater world!